Lab Space

  • 1General-purpose surgery room
  • 3Surgery and in vivo experimentation rooms
  • 2Neurological testing rooms for mice and rats
  • 1Two-photon and confocal room
  • 1Histology and fluorescence microscopy room
  • 6Wet lab bays

Translational Animal Models


  • Spreading depression susceptibility (KCl, electrical, optogenetic)

  • Spreading depression-induced allodynia, grimace

Cerebral ischemia

  • Proximal MCAO (endovascular filament)

  • Distal MCAO (clip)

  • ICA embolization

  • Subcortical white matter lesion (L-NIO, Endothelin)

  • Bilateral common carotid artery stenosis

Intracranial aneurysm formation, growth, rupture, and subarachnoid hemorrhage

  • Prechiasmatic cistern blood injection

  • Cisterna magna blood injection

  • Endovascular puncture

  • Elastase-induced intracranial aneurysms

  • Hashimoto model

Intracerebral hemorrhage

  • Autologous/homologous blood injection

  • Collagenase-induced cortical or striatal hemorrhage


  • Focal cortical seizures

  • Generalized seizures

Cerebrovascular physiology

  • Cerebrovascular autoregulation

  • Neurovascular coupling

  • Hypercapnic/hypoxic hyperemia

Tools and Techniques

Optical imaging

  • Laser speckle contrast imaging

  • Resting state functional connectivity imaging

  • Intrinsic optical signal imaging

  • Multispectral reflectance imaging

  • Two-photon microscopy


  • Epicranial or epidural, EEG, evoked potentials

  • Intraparenchymal extracellular AC/DC field potential recordings

Non-invasive optogenetic stimulation through a chronic coverslip (Channelrhodopsin-2)

Transgenic mouse models

  • CADASIL (TgNotch3R169C)

  • FHM (CaV2.1 S218L or R192Q knockin)

  • Tie-2 GFP

  • GCaMP

Intracranial pressure measurements

Laser Doppler flowmetry

Systemic physiological monitoring

  • Arterial blood pressure, heart rate, blood gas

  • Mechanical ventilation

  • Awake continuous body temperature

Rodent micro/neurosurgery


Normobaric hypoxia/hyperoxia chamber

Rodent neurocognitive examination

  • Y-maze

  • Water maze

  • Open field activity and thigmotaxis

  • Novel object

  • Corner

  • Wire grip

  • Cylinder

  • Elevated plus maze

  • Grid walk

  • Horizontal wire

  • Pole

Routine molecular biology